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What is BIZCASH?

BIZCASH is a Quick Business Cash for Businesses against Invoices and Deliveries made to selected Buyers. Sellers to selected organisations do nit have to wait for 30, 45, 60 or even 90 days to receive payments for the invoices from the buyers- BIZCASH pays you instantly upon delivery, while FACTORHOUSE waits to receive payment from your buyer upon maturity of the credit days.

Who can apply for BIZCASH?

Any Business that supplies Goods and Services to Approved Buyers. 

Who are the approved Buyers?

Supermarkets, Listed Companies, Hotel Chains, Horticulture Companies, Multinationals. Most large companies that buy your goods and Services are in our list of approved buyers.

How do I apply for a loan?

  • Apply online through our easy to use and accessible online application system.
  • Receive quick approval through email
  • Money is paid directly to your Bank Account or Mobile (Mpesa)

How fast are loans processed?

Same Day! If application done before 2pm, if the loan is approved, you will receive credit in your account / mpesa same day.!!

How much can I borrow?

Up to 85% of the invoice value.

Which supporting documents do I need?

First-time Applicants will be required to sign an agreement that allows your buyer to pay Factorhouse thae value of Invoice when it matures. Thereafter, for every transaction, you will need to avail us a copy of your invoice to the buyer PLUS a Goods/ Service Received note duly approved by the buyer.

Do i have to physically deliver the invoices to FactorHouse Ltd officesr whenever i require financing?

After the initial set up, all our transactions are online. Loans are disbursed directly to yor Bank or Mobile phone once approved!

What are acceptable credit days?

We will finance you in accordance with your Buyers credit Policy- 30 Days? 60 Days? 90 Days? No Problem-we will finance it.

How fast can i get financing?

Once you present the invoices and the invoice is approved, we will pay you same day via credit to your bank!


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