UPTO Kshs 85,000/= SAME DAY  Cash Advances for Salaried People!

  • Collateral-Free
  • No Employer Involvement
  • No Securities
  • Approved within 3 Hrs of Application
  • Paid SAME DAY to your MPESA or Bank Account
  • Repayable next Pay Day (month end) 

APPLY ONLINE and get approval feedback within 3 Hours of application. Approved advances are paid SAME DAY by direct credit to your Bank Account or MPESA. APPLY ONLINE HERE.  


BIZCASH-Fast, Easy to Access,Flexible Cash Advance to Businesses

Quick Cash Against Invoices & Deliveries Made to Selected Buyers of your Goods or Services

  • Convert INVOICESto Suppliers intoINSTANT CASH
  • For Deliveries made to Selected Buyers
  • With BIZCASH,  your business does not have to wait for 30, 60 or even 90 days or more to receive cash
  • FactorHouse Ltd pays you 85% of the invoice value upfront, and the balance when the customer pays the invoice



Q-ADVANCE - Quick  SALARY ADVANCE Facility (Through Employer)

Q-ADVANCE is designed to give your employees access to Quick Salary Advances at the comfort of their offices and workstations. With Q-ADVANCE, staff from organizations which have an arrangement with FactorHouse get access to Quick, Same Day Advance at the comfort of their desks- No paperwork, No leaving the office, no time lost and SAME Day Advance to be recovered at Payday.

To arrange this facility for your staff, contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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